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Nation’s Scholar is your one stop- shop for all your Academic robes, Clergy robes and Vestments

church vestment manufacturer.
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We lead, while others follow

At Nations’s Scholar Nigeria Limited, We are church vestments manufacturers (church wears) and academic gowns. We are pleased to offer the largest selection of clergy robes like: cassocks and supplices; chasubles& Stoles; Clerical shirts, preaching scarfs, copes for Bishops & Venerables (in the Anglican churches) Choir robes for Pentecostal churches, Doc collars ( long slip-in, short slip-in & round collar), studs, Rochete & Chimere for bishops, Chalice, flagon, Communion wine & communion bread (wavers). We have ministers attire as well as all of your other church apparel needs.

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CEO of Nation's Scholar

Our Mission

To provide fast and efficient customer oriented services tailored to meet the need of our various customers.

Our vision

Academic and Vestments Makers to the world with itch free at affordable price

Our commitment

Our company stands out as a garment maker and it has set the pace in its operational area in providing qualitative services to our numerous clients

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We have minister attire as well as all of your other church apparel needs. Whether looking for discount clergy robes or big and tall shirts and jackets, 



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Quality Service



Nation’s Scholar Nigeria Limited has been structured humanly for effectiveness and equipped with machines and equipment to meet the challenges of modern day organisation while appreciating your willingness to patronize our organisation. We look forward with great confidence to a mutual relationship with you.

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We are known for maintaining world class standards in terms of attention to detail, quality control and customer satisfaction.

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