Most items manufactured are made to measure and to order. Please find below a measurements guide.

HEIGHT -> this is your Full Height (to avoid confusion, from the Top of the Head to the Ground) in normal shoes e.g. 5’8”.

CHEST/BUST -> fullest chest/bust measurement (we do not accept bra sizes for ladies) taken with arms relaxed
by your sides and with tape measure around the chest under the arms.

WAIST -> your natural waist measurement around the tummy (not a gentleman’s trouser waist size).

HIP (ladies only) -> measured around your widest point.

HIGHEST SHOULDER POINT TO WAIST -> this is measured from the protruding bone at the base of the
neck to the natural waist line.

FULL FRONT LENGTH -> measured from the hollow in the throat (below Adam’s apple in a gentleman) to 2 inches
above the floor.

FULL BACK LENGTH -> from highest shoulder -> this is measured from the bone at the nape of the neck to
2 inches above the floor.

SHOULDER -> taken from the edge of the collar to the edge of the shoulder (where the sleeve would join the body of
a suit jacket/similar)

SLEEVE -> not actually measured fully straight, the arm needs to be hanging relaxed by your side. We take the tape
measure from the shoulder point, around the contour of the elbow, to the wrist bone.

HALF BACK -> measured from the centre of the back (on the spine about 4” below the nape of your neck) to the edge
of the shoulder blade. Not from shoulder to shoulder.

COLLAR SIZE -> Measured around the lowest part of the neck.

Cassocks are available with one of four back versions:
A: 3 Pleats – Centre Back (The 3 Pleat style we recommend for Ladies)
B: 5 Pleats – 3 Centre Back, 1 over each Pocket
C: 3 Pleats – 1 Centre Back, 1 over each Pocket (The 3 Pleat style we recommend for Gentlemen)
D: 1 Pleat – Centre Back (Our standard for Choir or Server Cassocks)

Cassocks are available with one of three collar versions:
Open – To show white collar (e.g. 2cm/3cm etc.), rounded or square
Closed – no white collar to show, rounded or square.

We ask that you take body measurements over normal clothes whilst wearing your normal shoes - and please do not add anything on to these measurements, as our garment patterns include a tolerance for movement. We also ask that these measurements are taken with a fabric tape measure rather than a metal/builders rule as these do not go around the contours of the body. Please refer to the descriptions on this sheet when taking your measurements. We hope they will fully explain all the measurements we need before making your garments. If you are unsure about any of the aforementioned measurements please get in touch with us by email or telephone and we will be happy to talk you through them.

Our Cassocks are usually lined down to the Waist (this is what we always recommend as the garment hangs better and has a
much nicer finish) – but they can be unlined on request.
They can be Ladies or Gents fit. Both Ladies and Gents Cassocks have a deep pocket on both sides and also slits through
to trouser/skirt pockets.
Brushed Braid (to protect the hem) is included as standard in the cost of Cassocks made in the 100% Wools or Terylene
& Wool mixtures.
Please do not hesitate to request fabric samples if this would help in deciding which fabric would be most suitable for
your purpose. 100% Wool fabrics are dry-clean only – but Terylene/Wool mixtures, and Polyesters are all machine-washable.
33 or 39 Buttons are options, or if the number of buttons is not felt to be critical, we can provide evenly spaced buttons.
The number of the evenly spaced buttons would then depending on the wearer’s height.
Please note when adding Piping to any garment, it then must be Dry-Cleaned to prevent Shrinkage of the Piping.



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